York Is U – Dressing Tips For Men

Dressing & Style Tips for 21st Century Working Men And University Grads

The old blue and white collar norms are not really relevant anymore. However, many of the smaller style nuances from that bygone time are still catchy, and set men apart from the flock. The best approach is to meld and mold the two fashion approaches together to form a modern look.


Facts are facts and the unemployment for men in America, or the west in general, is at the lowest it’s ever been. The traditional infrastructure is getting “smart”, robots and automation are running rampant, and post WW2 industrial manufacturing is being outmoded.


Dressing well, no matter what the occasion, is worth it. A man is more likely to make money, if he dresses like he has some. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Traditional Working Jobs

These days traditional work fits primarily into three sections. Services (restaurants & hotels), trades (these are modernizing but plumbers and landscapers are still in demand), and office-type work (hello corptocracy). No matter what the occupation, here are a few tips to making good impressions last.

  • Never wear dirty clothes, no matter what. Take pride in whatever customers see, and this goes especially for small business owners and workers that depend on local customers.
  • Always press or iron work clothes like they did in the old days. Even men that lived on the street tried to wear a suit, tie, vest, slacks, and a nice hat. Working men should be able to look nice.
  • In the corporate world, fashion is a big deal. Being the run of the mill shirt and tie guy isn’t wise. Spruce it up with accessories! Nice watch, cuff links, unique belt buckles, vests, fun ties, whatever it takes to add some life to office atmosphere without getting in trouble or causing drama.
  • Think functional with personality. Think conservative with a slice of attitude. Think modern with a tinge of old 50’s movies style.

New Age Occupations

The occupations of the 21st century are virtually-based web companies and freelance jobs. Whether he’s a traveling freelance writer, a home-based digital artist, or a cyber culture online tutor/teacher, style becomes a challenge here.


The issue is not losing respect for outward appearance in the lack of traditional 9 to 5 job. It’s too easy not to shave for two weeks and wear the same shirt and sweat for a month when working from the comfort of home. Shave, wash the clothes, buy a laptop, and look nice while fiddling away behind the screen at the local coffee shop or sandwich bar.


With the freedom to work in whatever, use the opportunity to dress in ways that display success and independence, without being slovenly and disheveled.

Bring Back a Bit of Old School

Collared shirts are still really good looking, especially with sharp cufflinks, a nice tie, perhaps a vest, with snug fitting jeans/slacks, and polished shoes/work boots. Have respect for the way the world sees style and dress the part of a working man, even when standing in the unemployment line, or getting paid through digital work.